This is a brief post about my first attempt at National Novel Writing Month (#NaNoWriMo). My novel is called The Roar of Silence. This is the synopsis I posted on the NaNo site:

Gwen has kept silent too long. When she marries a man who is more like her late step-father than she thought possible, she starts imagining his demise. When he suddenly dies, she fears she somehow caused it. Only breaking the silence and speaking the unspoken can bring her anything like peace.

The plan is to write 1667 words a day every day in November. The novel won’t be brilliant, but it will be written, which means in the next few months I can fill in plot gaps, develop scenes and characters, and polish the writing.

I’ll post an update on 15 November. I leave you now with the opening scene:


lence –si-lence-si-lence-si-lence-si…

She’d repeated the word over and over in her mind until it had become just syllables without meaning. The rhythm of the alternating syllables had put her in a trance, allowing her to ignore what was happening.

Mama had been sick; they thought the baby might not make it. She was only just old enough to understand there was a baby in Mama’s tummy and that ‘not make it’ meant death. He told her to be quiet; Mama needed silence. If she cried, Mama would be upset and then Mama would die. It would be her fault.
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