From frustrated to productive in 8 weeks


Why are you frustrated?

You feel like you’re losing track of why you wanted to be a writer or researcher in the first place. Writing and publishing is more about pleasing hiring and promotion committees than about sharing your knowledge with others.

What do you want?

You wish you could reconnect with why you write. You want to set goals that are both meaningful for you and in-line with what your employer or potential employer wants to see. You long to find time to write and still have time for other things like spending time with your family and taking holidays.

How can this course help?

In ‘Setting and Meeting Your Writing Goals’ I will take you step by step through setting your long- and short-term goals before moving on to helping you find the time and focus to meet those goals. The first three lessons will focus on your goals, or what you want to write, and the last five will focus on how you’ll get it all done.

My goal is to help you become a happier and more productive writer.

To prevent feelings of overwhelm and to keep the course from being a means to procrastinate, the weekly lessons will be brief and to the point. Since you’ll have the option of watching video versions of the lessons or reading them in a PDF, you can make this course work with your schedule.

To further support you, I’ll give you the option of sending me your writing goals for my feedback in week 4 and of scheduling a 30-minute coaching session with me at the end of the course.

I’m confident you can go from frustrated to calm and productive in just 8 weeks.

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Setting and Meeting Your Writing Goals

This 8-week course will help you set SMART goals and find the time and focus to meet them.


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